Asia’s Premier Silent Events Company

Unmatched Benefits

Unique and Original Entertainment Concept
Crisp & Clear Audio
Portable and Works Everywhere
No Noise Complaints
Appeal to Everyone’s Music Tastes
Affordable Translation

Unique and Original Entertainment Concept

  • Create unforgettable experiences with our premium multichannel wireless headphones

  • Browse the music channels to find your rhythm and illuminate the night with each channel’s stunning LED light

  • Your channel’s color will spark instant connections on the dance floor to the glowing crowds of green, red, blue, yellow, and purple

Appeal to Everyone’s Music Tastes

  • Simultaneously transmit up to five different music sources to broaden your event’s audience and potential

  • Ignite everyone’s passion as they discover their own rhythm amongst the bursts of singing, laughing and dancing

Crisp & Clear Audio

  • Immerse in the music with our state-of-theart noise cancellation technology

  • Transmit crystal clear audio with radio signals

  • No blue tooth or Wi-Fi means no static or interference

  • Guaranteed performance up to 500M

Portable and Works Everywhere

  • Set up in seconds! Don’t be limited by a complex speaker system or power source

  • Our lightweight but powerful radio transmitters seamlessly connect with any of your audio sources (laptops, phones, iPods, etc.)

  • Unlock exclusive and privileged locations to increase your event’s capacity or enhance prestige

Is Noise Pollution a Problem? We Have Your Solution

  • Party anytime, anywhere with our headphones without music blasting from speakers

  • No more screaming and shouting over booming music

  • Simply take off the headphones to enjoy conversations with your friends