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Serene Yoga Mats

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Hush Events Asia will be doing a special partnership with Serene Official, so you can perform our Silent Yoga Events with the Best Mat Ever!

3 Designs

 - "Sore is the New Sexy": Pink to purple gradient mat 

- "Shoot For the Stars": Pastel-colored with stars mat 

- "Be Your Own Star": Galaxy packed with stars mat 


All comes with the following features:

- 183x68CM with 1.5MM.

- Anti-slippery natural rubber as the base material 

- Microfiber (faux- suede) as surface material, giving you a super soft touch while providing you the stickiness (the more you sweat, the stickier it becomes!)


If you are planning to join our Hush Yoga often, then get yourself these Serene Yoga Mats!