Asia’s Premier Silent Events Company

What Is A Silent Disco?

  • A fresh approach to entertainment where people listen, dance and vibe to music through our lightweight wireless headphones

  • Freely shuffle through up to 5 channels on the headphones to discover the perfect music genre with just a click of a button

How Does It Work?

  • Our headphones are based on the latest radio technology (no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth)

  • Simply plug an audio source into one of our portable radio transmitters to begin the broadcast

  • Each headphone can receive up to 5 different radio broadcasts (through 5 different radio transmitters)

  • Radio technology means no hassles with pairing or connecting devices and guarantees crisp and clear audio up to 300 meters


Unmatched Benefits

Unique and Original Entertainment Concept
No Noise Complaints
Crisp & Clear Audio
Appeal to Everyone’s Music Tastes
Portable and Works Everywhere
Affordable Translation

Event Ideas / Service Options

Music Festivals / Concerts
Private Events
Conference / Expo / Cinema
Long Term Partnertships
Product Promotions
Corporate Celebrations
Equipment Rental
Sporting Events
Silent Fitness Classes
Birthday Parties 

What Are Our Services?

  • We provide a complete entertainment (DJs, lighting, etc.) and translation service package

  • We tailor our services to all your individual needs from a 20 person birthday party to a 1,000+ festival - our services know no limits

  • We offer spot rentals or engage in long term partnerships

  • Our flexible commercial terms ensure value for everyone

  • Add style and a personal touch to your next event with our logo cap customization services. Have the headphones glow with your brand or logo to increase visibility and marketing effectiveness



Who are we and where do we provide services?

Established in Bangkok, Thailand: we are South East Asia’s Premier Silent Events Company catering services in Thailand (Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Phuket, etc.), Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia & Vietnam.





🎉 Bangkok's first ever 5-channel silent disco DJ battle! 🎉

5 DJs! 5 Colors! 5 Music Styles!

Will you jam to EDM? Dance to Hip-Hop beats? Defend Thai pride with Thai music? Sing along with nostalgic throwbacks? or grove to the latest Pop hits?

Choose your DJ and spark instant connections on the dance floor to the glowing crowds of green, red, blue, yellow, and purple.

Join hundreds of party lovers on the 38th floor of the prestigious Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen's Park, located right in the heart of Bangkok.

Who will be the winner? The verdict is yours. 👊

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